Heda 20th Anniversary Sales Event And Shop Display Shelves Live Show

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Author : Rainee
Update time : 2021-09-22 11:28:08

Heda Shelves’ 20th Year

How time flew! We’ve been through a lot in the past 20 years: From a small factory with two production lines to two large factories with complete equipment and professionals (One for warehouse storage racks and the other for shop display shelves); the number of shelf showrooms has been increased from 2 to 4 (warehouse storage racks, shop display shelves, steel and wooden shelves, and supermarket equipment); our shelves and racks traveled a lot, from the Canton Fair to exhibitions in Dubai and USA.
Our business started in the Philippines, Malaysia, and other Asian regions, and now we achieved long-term relationships all over the world, from convenience store owners to warehouse keepers. we did shop display shelf design for our new UK client; customized tool display stands for a hardware dealer from Papua New Guinea and made a 3D design draft for our old friend from Uruguay (4-year partnership).

We appreciate our clients' trust, and their active participation made today's Heda Shelves. And we will keep serving clients with our principle of " Best Quality, Durable Structure, Perfect Design, Punctual delivery, and Customer Satisfaction". Every goal we have achieved will gather to become our further growth, and make Heda the perfect shelf manufacturer and your best business partner!

 Anniversary Sales Event and Shop Display Shelves Live Show

We prepared a gift to thank them for the support from our clients, as well as a surprise for new friends who are about to reach cooperation with us: Heda BIGGEST Sales Event (shown below)

And we also made a live show on Facebook to introduce our shop display shelves. 
Go and visit our supermarket shelf showroom and pick your ideal shelves, then feel free to contact us for the biggest discount. Heda BIGGEST Sales Event & Supermarket Shelf Showroom

The event will end on Sept. 30th (the end of September).